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Episode 31: Mike Lenz On Unleashing His Creative Soul And His Journey Into Voice Acting

Today's guest is Mike Lenz, a fellow entrepreneur and voice talent who loves helping his clients bring their messages to life. For the past 10 years, he has been working with clients on eLearning projects, corporate and web-based videos, audio books, course books, and commercials. 

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Episode 24: Startup Story: Interview With Tom Schlosser

Startup Story! Today’s Guest is Tom Schlosser, Licensed Professional Counselor. A few years ago, Tom never thought he would have his own private practice. Fast Forward to today - and Tom is up and running his own business. We loved talking with Tom about his journey, and believe you will find some really great pieces of advice as you begin your own journey.

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Episode 13: Leaving A Good Paying Job To Bake - Interview With Becky Hess

What I love about Becky is her CREATIVE ENERGY. You can ask any one of her close friends, and I'm sure they would tell you that Becky just overflows with creativity and energy. Becky started baking custom cookies about two years ago. About a year ago, Donny and I (Jessica) took note of Becky's cookies, and approached her about turning it into a viable, sustainable business. I think Becky was toying with the idea, but we wanted to know if she planned to keep it a hobby or pursue it as a business. 

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Episode 9: Rockstar CPA - Interview With Shawn Giewont

Shawn grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. He has always been drawn to the entrepreneurial aspect of things, and seemed to gravitate toward leadership in whatever endeavor he was in. He attended Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh on a Business Management major and played football there as well.  In his freshman year he was injured early in the season and his football days were essentially over. The following year he transferred to Penn State (Behrend Campus) in Erie, Pennsylvania to continue his business education.

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Episode 7: Live In A Way That Is Most You - Interview With Glenn Lavender

Glenn has actually started two businesses recently, in two completely different directions. With his talent for music, he was able to come off the road after a brief stint on staff at a local church, and offer to teach music to many in his community. Obviously not a huge reach for him as he has the talent to do that. Coupled with his notoriety from the band, marketing himself as a viable teacher was a pretty simple task. You can find Glenn, the music teacher, at Williamsburg School of Music.

His second business, Silver Hand Meadery, takes on a different marketing approach. 

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