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Episode 30: Transforming From The Inside Out With Personal Trainer Laura Buzzell

Today on the show, I want to introduce you to Laura Buzzell. Her personal journey has taken a lot of turns; it's a great story I'd love for you to hear.

Laura is the founder of the Transformation Tribe, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Online Fitness and Wellness Coach with Beachbody. She is a Christ Follower, Mom of 4 boys, and wife to Justin Buzzell. Laura has helped hundreds of women to achieve life changing results by helping them break their OLD cycle of unhealthy habits and create a NEW lifestyle of healthy living.

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Episode 29: How To Create Income Through Consulting: It's Not What You Think

Did you know that one of the last industries to be interrupted by technology is consulting? It’s a 450 BILLION DOLLAR industry, and there are huge opportunities for you.

Today on the show, we’re excited to share a great conversation we had with Jonathan Dison, a consultant, entrepreneur and author who talks about the changing world of consulting and how YOU can get started in it. Jonathan helps us understand what consulting really is, and the potential it has to give you more freedom, money or flexibility in your job.

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Episode 28: Successful Hiring and Team Building with Dan Van Matre

Your business is growing - and you need to learn how to hire GREAT people and build a team. What does it take? Who do you look for? We asked our friend Dan Van Matre, former manager at Chick-Fil-A - about their incredible hiring process. Dan has great insight into team building that comes from his background in many different fields of experience. We think you'll love this conversation and are sure to walk away with life-long applications.

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Episode 27: Entrepreneur Interview with Max Weber

We are so excited to release this episode of the podcast - as we had a great conversation with our guest: Max Weber, an entrepreneur from Erie, Pennsylvania. He is a mover and shaker - inspiring and motivating. You'll hear how he got started, how a reverse bet keeps him moving forward, his advice on which social media platform you should use and so much more.

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Episode 25: The Ultimate Communication Guide - Learn How To Better Connect With Your Spouse, Employees and Customers

We all speak and communicate every day. Stats say women speak 20,000 words on average where men speak 7,000. The question is: are we communicating effectively, and are we connecting with those we are communicating with?

What is the main purpose of communication? Listen - and learn how to be a more effective communicator!

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Episode 21: Learn What A Family Business In Savannah Has - That You Absolutely Need

How good is your customer service? Dave and I have been on the road - and an unfortunate mishap turned into an opportunity to sing praises about a local business in Savannah, Georgia.

Prewett's Automotive took care of us, and we were in awe about the experience.  Learn more about what happened, and why we think you need to learn what they were doing that provided excellent customer service!

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Episode 20: How To Get Stuff Done When You Don't Feel Like It

Too Tired and Overwhelmed Just Thinking About Starting Something?

Do you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks? Not sure how or where to start?

In this episode, Dave & Jessica talk about getting things done... finding motivation to get started. They share stories and tips that should help give you a little kick in the pants when you need it.

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Episode 16: Why Does Your Business Exist - Interview With Josh Layhue

Today’s guest is an Erie Entrepreneur who helps small businesses realize why they exist. There is so much great information and inspiration packed into this podcast for you today - I’m excited for you to meet our guest, Josh Layhue. He shares his story of starting up several different businesses - and what he has learned along the way.

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Episode 15: Crucial Conversations With Andy Kerr

In today’s episode - we chat again with Andy of Andy Kerr Coaching. You can listen to Andy’s personal story in Episode 13, however today we dive into the topic of crucial conversations - learning how to speak and listen to others to bring out the best ideas and make the best decisions - and then follow through on those decisions. Did you know that there is a process you can learn - to foster better conversations? Andy talks about how it all works - and why it’s so important.

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Episode 14: Be Intentional - Interview With Andy Kerr

Have you ever looked back over the past 10 or 20 years of your life and discovered that each job, even that seemingly meaningless one, has given you experiences that has lead you to the place you are today?

I’d like to introduce you to Andy Kerr of Andy Kerr Coaching.You’ll hear the story of how each of his past jobs has lead him, step by step, to where he is today: as a life and leadership coach.

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Episode 12: How To Make A Personal And Unique Business - Interview With Milli Griswold

One final takeaway from this episode: take a look at how your new business endeavor is affecting those around you. At the end of the show, Dave (Jessica's husband) and Sean (Milli's husband) talk candidly about their support in helping their wives' budding businesses. It isn't easy, and open communication and honest feedback are key.

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Episode 11: Grow Where You Are Planted - Interview With Mark Acker

The owner is one of the hardest working people I know. He cares about his clients and getting the job done right. And that’s probably why he has a lot of great referrals – and keeps busy.

Today, I’d like to introduce you Mark Acker, founder & owner of Treeline Landscape

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Episode 8: Overcome Fear And Pursue Your Passion - Interview With Bill Cox

Bill Cox of Bill Cox Coaching is a personal friend and today's Square One Show guest. For over 18 years, Bill has served as Executive Pastor of McLane Church in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. 

But life's journey has lead him to pursue his passion of coaching and developing others to become G.R.E.A.T - Growing, Responsible, Engaged, Authentic, Teachable. Bill recently became a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team as well as an Authorized Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, where he can save you time and money by assisting you in hiring and retaining top performers for your company.

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