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Episode 27: Entrepreneur Interview with Max Weber

We are so excited to release this episode of the podcast - as we had a great conversation with our guest: Max Weber, an entrepreneur from Erie, Pennsylvania. He is a mover and shaker - inspiring and motivating. You'll hear how he got started, how a reverse bet keeps him moving forward, his advice on which social media platform you should use and so much more.

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Episode 16: Why Does Your Business Exist - Interview With Josh Layhue

Today’s guest is an Erie Entrepreneur who helps small businesses realize why they exist. There is so much great information and inspiration packed into this podcast for you today - I’m excited for you to meet our guest, Josh Layhue. He shares his story of starting up several different businesses - and what he has learned along the way.

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Episode 14: Be Intentional - Interview With Andy Kerr

Have you ever looked back over the past 10 or 20 years of your life and discovered that each job, even that seemingly meaningless one, has given you experiences that has lead you to the place you are today?

I’d like to introduce you to Andy Kerr of Andy Kerr Coaching.You’ll hear the story of how each of his past jobs has lead him, step by step, to where he is today: as a life and leadership coach.

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