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Episode 12: How To Make A Personal And Unique Business - Interview With Milli Griswold

One final takeaway from this episode: take a look at how your new business endeavor is affecting those around you. At the end of the show, Dave (Jessica's husband) and Sean (Milli's husband) talk candidly about their support in helping their wives' budding businesses. It isn't easy, and open communication and honest feedback are key.

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Episode 7: Live In A Way That Is Most You - Interview With Glenn Lavender

Glenn has actually started two businesses recently, in two completely different directions. With his talent for music, he was able to come off the road after a brief stint on staff at a local church, and offer to teach music to many in his community. Obviously not a huge reach for him as he has the talent to do that. Coupled with his notoriety from the band, marketing himself as a viable teacher was a pretty simple task. You can find Glenn, the music teacher, at Williamsburg School of Music.

His second business, Silver Hand Meadery, takes on a different marketing approach. 

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