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Episode 8: Overcome Fear And Pursue Your Passion - Interview With Bill Cox

You're sure to be inspired and will connect with Bill's story as he shares his journey of leaving something secure, and heading into the unknown.

Bill Cox with Donny, Dave & Jessica

Bill Cox with Donny, Dave & Jessica

Bill Cox of Bill Cox Coaching is a personal friend and today's Square One Show guest. For over 18 years, Bill has served as Executive Pastor of McLane Church in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. But life's journey has lead him to pursue his passion of coaching and developing others to become G.R.E.A.T - Growing, Responsible, Engaged, Authentic, Teachable.

Bill recently became a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team as well as an Authorized Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, where he can save you time and money by assisting you in hiring and retaining top performers for your company.

One listen to this podcast will quickly show you a person that is brutally honest about his fear in heading out on his own.

Bill decided to keep walking an unknown path, and his encouraging story will motivate you to step out and pursue your own dream.

Bill watched his dad blaze a trail in entrepreneurship as his father started his own business with $5,000, a ladder and a black station wagon. It was his dad's leadership that helped Bill gain a measure of understanding and respect for business owners that he still remembers to this day. 

“Most people are in business because they care about people.”

— Bill Cox

In this show, Bill talks about what pushed him to start his own business, and why he chose to continue this journey. He shares his heart about some of the struggles with starting his own business.

Bill Cox of Bill Cox Coaching in the Square One Show Studio

what kept pushing him forward was his faith in God's leading, his passion for people and learning the tools of his new trade. 

We love how Bill explained some of these great quotes, as it related to his business start up:

“You’re ready enough.”

— Paul Martinello

“The learning is in the DOING.”

— Christian Simpson

“I made a decision that I will lead my life and not react to it.”

— Bill Cox

We truly can't say it enough: this show will impact you. If you were on the fence before today, We're pretty sure you won't be when you are finished.

Listen to the show to better understand these quick tips from Bill:

  • Invest in personal development
  • Reinvest in the business you have started
  • Sit with people and ask questions
  • Step out of the comfort of a paycheck and fully go for it 

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