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Episode 30: Transforming From The Inside Out With Personal Trainer Laura Buzzell

Today on the show, I want to introduce you to Laura Buzzell. Her personal journey has taken a lot of turns; it's a great story I'd love for you to hear.

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Laura is the founder of the Transformation Tribe, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Online Fitness and Wellness Coach with Beachbody. She is a Christ Follower, Mom of 4 boys, and wife to Justin Buzzell. Laura has helped hundreds of women to achieve life changing results by helping them break their OLD cycle of unhealthy habits and create a NEW lifestyle of healthy living.

Laura Buzzell - Podcast Interview
Laura Buzzell - Fitness

Laura is one of the TOP leaders in her network. She is currently ranked #503 out of over half a million coaches in the network in the US and Canada. She is continually mentoring and training other women, helping them build their own successful, flexible, and thriving home businesses.

Their team’s mission is to TRANSFORM lives from the inside out, and their success is based solely on our mission to help as many people as they can to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

When life hits you - then knocks you down again, what do you do? How do you get up? Laura shares her story - the ups and downs - and inspires us to get up and keep going. Get motivated: transformation happens from the inside out.

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She talks about what it's like running her business from home, and how to better prioritize the work/life/family balance. How do you go full force on your business, and not let everyone else get the leftovers? It's not easy, but Laura gives us some tips to help us keep moving forward.

  • Have a schedule - WHEN are you going to do WHAT for your business?  HOW LONG are you going to spend on it? What types of things are you going to focus on certain days of the week?
  • Consistency is KEY every day. That consistency will honor your family. Involve your family - let them know your business schedule and business hours.
  • Know how to DROP what you're doing when your kids need you.

As business owners, we never feel like we've done enough.... there's always other things we feel like we need to do. Laura encourages us to keep a checklist: track everything you do! Then you can look back and see that you still pushed forward that day, and still honored your family with your time. Some days you'll go 10x on your business, and other days when life gets crazy, you may only accomplish the minimum on your checklist.

Laura reminds us to cut the fluff: what kinds of things can you say no to?  Step away from people who are drama. When you say "yes" to those things, you are saying "no" to the important things - like family, your marriage, kids, personal development, etc.

When you’re not working, you’ve got to turn the work off.
— Laura Buzzell

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In the podcast, Laura shares her story and mentions her life-changing experience with Set Free Ministries; learn more about it through this video:

Laura Buzzell Before & After

We are so thankful for people like Laura, who share their story with us. I hope it inspires you to keep moving -- keep learning -- keep growing.

Please reach out to Laura if you have any questions from today's show! And of course, if you have any questions about starting your business, we'd love to help. Email us! (Dave & Jessica) - we'd love to hear from you! Have a great week!