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Episode 9: Rockstar CPA - Interview With Shawn Giewont

What is of utmost importance to us is that we give you quality information and helpful ways for you to have all the tools you need to start your business. Today, we are speaking with CPA Shawn Giewont. He is Jess and Dave's accountant; they wanted to introduce you to him because of how helpful it has been partnering with a trusted accountant for their businesses.

Shawn Giewont - Erie, PA

Shawn grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. He has always been drawn to the entrepreneurial aspect of things, and seemed to gravitate toward leadership in whatever endeavor he was in. He attended Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh on a Business Management major and played football there as well.  In his freshman year he was injured early in the season and his football days were essentially over. The following year he transferred to Penn State (Behrend Campus) in Erie, Pennsylvania to continue his business education.

With no real applicable help from the course being offered, he followed what he thought would be a solid career choice in something he enjoyed doing: accounting. During his senior year in college, he was hired during tax season to help at the local accounting firm, Brink & Shelhammer. Once tax season was over, they kept him on full time, while he finished his senior year. 

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The great takeaway from this show for those that are in this field, or considering something similar, is Shawn's approach to what made him a business owner. 

He took the time in his position to learn everything he could about the business, with the mindset that he could start his own practice.

As fate would have it, one of the partners (Shelhammer) retired, and with Shawn's experience and commitment, he was the obvious choice to become the next partner.

Now, as a business owner, Shawn has first-hand experience with the struggles and tough decisions all business owners encounter every day. 

If you are looking for a "one size fits all" solution to how business works, Shawn gives some great advice:

“There’s no Four-Step process, you just gotta work through it.”

— Shawn Giewont, CPA

While Shawn's approach to business ownership may have been relatively seamless, there is great merit in finding something you enjoy doing, and when the time is right, you can make the most of your opportunity.