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Episode 6: Interview With Lori Clapper

One of the best things we can do here at Square One Show is provide all of you with real life information.

Many of the places you can go to for help, sort of gloss over the details or the struggles you'll encounter, and rarely, do they make it seem like there is struggle... or that you will struggle.

My square one was probably one of the lowest points in my life, actually. I had gone through a really rough period in my marriage, and relationships, just with myself. I was in a depression and I don’t think I totally realized it... I was looking so much to THAT, to get my approval.
— Lori Clapper
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Today, our guest is Lori Clapper, founder of It's a business that she started a few years back, at a time in her life when things were, shall we say, not so good.

Lori had a background in several areas from her previous experience in radio and other forms of media. And because she had that background, her interest in doing something media related made pretty good sense to her.

Because Lori has a strong faith in God, she felt that moving in that area was what God was calling her to.  

One of the first things Lori did to pursue that calling was to connect with a friend. It didn't take much to realize the affirmation there, as her friend was not only fully supportive, but quite encouraging as well. She then reached out to several others and the encouragement continued.

As time has gone on, Lori has learned to lean into many of these relationships to keep the excitement going. What we will never downplay here at Square One Show are the struggles and the details, as I mentioned above.

And as you go through the start up process, there will be times of excitement and triumph and victory. But be forewarned, when things start to wane, it is the relationships and the people around that can truly push you through, or lead to your demise. 

Podcast Interview with Lori Clapper

One of the great takeaways from our time with Lori on this broadcast was all of the intangibles as a start up business. She talked at length about the difficulties that she had with personalities, and yet it was probably many of those same people that helped keep her moving forward.

As she paraphrased one of her favorite scriptures, "God will never call you to do something alone," there is an honest and sincere message in that for all of us. 

As Lori and Wonderfully Woven move forward, she has ambition to branch out into speaking engagements that she has already done regionally. She is completely committed to pushing her audience to a very powerful truth.

"[We are] Encouraging women that you are not alone in this." Lori and her team of writers have a passion for women and a passion to make the lives of women positive and encouraged.

Lori also realizes that there will be many more challenges to come as she moves into this second tier of her business. One of the things that Square One Show will continue to point you toward is listening to your audience and trying to respond in the best way possible. A way that is the most helpful, while at the same time sustainable.

Lori Clapper can be reached at:

Show Notes:

- Her career placements have been on air radio, Editor (Pharmaceutical Online), Ad agency.

- Learning and drawing from her past

- Compiling a skill set from all vocations

- Landing at a low point placed her at her square one

- Trusting in her faith to pursue what she felt God was calling her to

- Connecting with friends was a source of great encouragement and support

- Allowing her friends to engage with her idea and help her talk it out

- Maintaining the excitement through the journey

- Listening to the feedback of her audience

- Lori wishes she would've known all the details of starting up and how all the different personalities would have to be understood and managed

- Build a network of people

- Connecting to the things you do, as the things you enjoy, work will no longer feel like work

- Having a vision at Wonderfully Woven to let women know they are not alone in how they feel and are living life

- Wonderfully woven has plans to branch out to speaking engagements and conferences 

- A last thought from Lori was centered around being okay with where you are and not worrying that you aren't moving ahead quick enough