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Episode 12: How To Make A Personal And Unique Business - Interview With Milli Griswold

What I love about Milli is her personal drive to make things beautiful and do it with excellence. Many business coaches will push you to go big: keep growing and go bigger, better and faster.

Milli Griswold

Today, Milli Griswold of Milli Lee Organics is taking a different approach. She challenges the industrial age ideal with a fresh, organic way of thinking. And the underlaying message in this episode is something we all need to hear and be reminded of.

Many of you are starting a very niche business. Instead of telling you how to start it, we here at the Square One Show focus more on helping you ask the right questions as you get started. Milli shares her journey on how and why she answered these types of questions:

  • Will it be sustainable?
  • What am I willing to do?
  • What will I not compromise on?

Her online Etsy business Millie Lee Organics was doing great. She had plenty of customers which is something all of us dream of.

But Milli had to make some hard and fast choices that some businesses just have to make. She was willing to say "NO" to what seemed like a great career path.

Did she want to hire a staff to fill her orders? I don't think she even knew the answer to that question until she had to. And it wasn't until she did, that she realized the end product wasn't really hers. While most businesses would be happy with too many orders, Milli had to face the reality of being overwhelmed. And that's when she was pushed to make a decision: shut it all down or figure out how to manage it in a way that resonated with her and her family. 

“I take 50 orders a week, and then I shut my shop down.”

— Milli of Milli Lee Organics

photos by Jessica Lewis of The Painted Square - taken for Milli Lee Organics

photos by Jessica Lewis of The Painted Square - taken for Milli Lee Organics

Recently we had Bill Cox on as a guest, and one of the things Bill talked about was a sort of reinvestment in your business. And one approach he took with that was personal reinvestment. So we asked Milli, "How are you improving yourself as a better business owner?" Her answer was not reading books or taking a course, but rather, a simple approach that is practical and readily available: Milli likes to watch, listen and learn from other business owners. It helps her approach what to do - and what not to do when it comes to running her business.

“Be unique, be yourself, and if your product changes or you change or your interests change, then you change with it.”

— Milli of Milli Lee Organics

One final takeaway from this episode: take a look at how your new business endeavor is affecting those around you. At the end of the show, Dave (Jessica's husband) and Sean (Milli's husband) talk candidly about their support in helping their wives' budding businesses. It isn't easy, and open communication and honest feedback are key.