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Merriam-Webster defines trust as, "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something."

Trust in the character of God. His ability to see your future. His strength to get you through another hour. His truth that cuts through all the crap you hear on TV or through gossip.

All of your heart - with everything you have - all of your mind, emotions, body.... from your toes to your tongue to the hairs on your head. Trust with all your heart.

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Photography Tips That Are Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Some tips behind taking photos of your products using natural light:

1) Lighting is your best friend. We have sliding glass doors that allow a lot of light to come in. What I love about it- is the floor to ceiling natural light that floods in! Whether you own a coffee shop, bakery, etsy shop or just like taking photos for the fun of it....

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Looking To Become More Wise? Keep Your Mouth Shut.

This week is a focus on LISTENING.

One of my favorite books is Proverbs. It teaches us how to live; it points to the wise patterns of life people have been living for thousands of years. It's not something trendy or popular... on the contrary, some of these wise sayings could be considered old or fuddy duddy (did I just say that?)

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"Dreaming Through The Lens"

"Dreaming Through The Lens"

We all view life through a lens, through each of our own perspectives. Sometimes we can zoom in and discover all the fine details and emotions. Other times, we are able to zoom out, and see the situation for what it is: what is influencing our decisions and causing our emotions. Wisdom is being able to recognize which lens we need for our particular situation.

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How To Overcome Fear and Worry

I worry, a lot, about everything. I’ve always been this way. I’m not an emotional worrier though. In fact most people who know me would probably be surprised at this admission.

My worry is tied more to extreme over-analyzation. The mental gymnastics that I am constantly engaged in always leads to the conclusion that causes the worry: I’m not in control!

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Look At A Problem From All Sides

Our perspective is limited. When a problem arises, we can only look at solving the problem through our limited perspective.

So try this: take your problem and turn it on all sides. When you flip something around, you begin to see things or feel things you didn't realize was there. A little shift in perspective can give us just enough of a boost to solve a problem in a new way.

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