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Photography Tips That Are Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Tip Tuesday! It's easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Some tips behind taking photos of your products using natural light:

1) Lighting is your best friend. We have sliding glass doors that allow a lot of light to come in. What I love about it- is the floor to ceiling natural light that floods in! Whether you own a coffee shop, bakery, etsy shop or just like taking photos for the fun of it.... position your subject (coffee beans, cake, earrings, etc.) on a table about 3-5 feet away from the sliding glass windows. Too close and there's too much light... too far away and there's not enough light.

2) Lighting is your best friend. Wait, I just said that! True - but best friends are multi-faceted. Another lighting tip: cloudy days are wonderful for even lighting. This means it's not direct sunlight with lots of shadows and bright spots. I love a little contrast - but not direct sun for these kinds of images.

3) Take shots of different angles and perspectives. Play. Have Fun! Move around the table too - sometimes it looks great taking a photo from the front - sometimes from the side - sometimes from behind. Just make sure there's nothing distracting in the background...

4) FEEL the shot. I'm not sure how to TEACH this concept yet... but feel the light.... pay attention to how it falls onto your product or subject.... This is where mindfulness comes to play. It's part of my creative process. Get in the moment...

Start with that; engage your clients with better photos of your products! Make them want MORE!

If you have small products - and like the way I shoot - I'd love to photograph something for you to use on your website and social media! Just reach out.

What's YOUR favorite tip for photographing in natural light?