The Painted Square
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Five Year Old Edits Photo - and I Love It.

Landscape of Venango Valley, Pennsylvania

This photo was taken March 8, 2019 from our front deck, overlooking the Venango Valley in Venango, Pennsylvania. When I imported it and began to edit, Truett joined me and quickly took over. He adjusted the sliders and settled on THIS. And I just LOVE it.

You see, I’m great at making things harder. More complicated. I think too much. I start too many things. What I loved about this little encounter with my five year old, is that he came over, adjusted a few things, said, “I really like that” and called it a day. He didn’t wonder if it was too saturated (it’s 100% saturation), or too vibrant (it’s 100% vibrant) or too contrasted (It’s, you guessed it, 100% contrast). He just made something he liked - didn’t care what I thought - and this image came into being. It made him happy. And it makes me happy too.

So that’s where The Painted Square is headed - 100% saturated, vibrant and contrasty.

How do we do that?

Dave and I have a vision. We want to see you living out your story (your life) with courage and authenticity. We want to help you embrace beauty, design, creativity and innovation through the stories we share.

We want to encourage and bring you hope through the various stories you hear from our podcast guests. We want you to be inspired by the photos we share, and we want to become your friends -- the kind that you sit up late with (too late) - sip on wine and have great conversations around a fire. THAT'S where life happens, my friends! That’s how your life gets saturated, vibrant and we can all share our contrasts. No judgement. Just living life together.