Recent Work: Andy Kerr Coaching Advertising Layout

Before you hand something off to your designer, figure out what you want to communicate to those reading or interacting with your ad.

Andy Kerr Coaching Advertising Flyer Graphic Design

Andy Kerr Coaching provides life and business coaching, leadership training and motivational speaking. He's an incredible communicator and I can personally highly recommend his life coaching sessions.

Andy was recently in the Knockout Homelessness event to benefit the Erie City Mission - in Erie, PA. Since he was a contender, he was able to provide a full page ad for the back of the brochure. After the fight (which he did a fantastic job!), he texted me this photo and said he loved how it turned out. I love it when clients show me the final piece!

We wanted it to match his website and communicate the services he offers. I took the photo a few years ago - and Andy uses that photo on his website and other advertising materials - to keep the same imagery / consistency in his brand.


Pro Tip:

Investing in a professional photographer is a must - especially today. You can now use those images all over your website, facebook pages, social media and advertisements - for a few YEARS! Double check with your photographer first to make sure you have permission to use the images. It's worth the investment!