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Use Adobe Spark To Make Short Videos Of Your Business

Video content creation for your business has never been easier!

With the many FREE tools you have at your finger tips, there's no excuse not to use them.

Customers LOVE to see a behind the scenes look at your business. Plus, it's a great way to authentically connect with them. So unless you are a magician (and never reveal your secrets), pull out your camera/phone and start capturing video!

Below is a short video I created for Silver Hand Meadery. After getting groceries this morning, I stopped by to say hello to my husband, Dave, who was in the middle of the bottling process.

With my iPhone, I shot a few short video clips - maybe 10 seconds each. Wanting to tell the bottling day story, I started from the beginning of the process and recorded a few clips to the end. Then later at home, I air-dropped the videos to my MacBook - and uploaded them to my Adobe Spark account. It's free. Did I mention having a Spark account is free? And nope, I'm not getting compensated by saying that!

Adobe Spark makes the process simple and seamless. Just upload, adjust the length of your videos, add text to tell your story, choose your music - and done! Spark actually tells you how to do it - and gives you suggestions on what to say.

There's a Spark app for your phone, but I'm not a fan. I tried making this video from my phone and it was just too slow. By transferring the files from my phone to computer (using apple's genius Air-Drop), the video creation process was much quicker and easier!

Think about your business! What few short clips could you capture to share with your clients or audience? What story do you have to tell? Silver Hand Meadery makes mead - and showing how they hand-bottle the mead is really fun for their fans. In fact, right after I posted the video, someone immediately commented, "I like seeing all the new and improved tech!"  Boom. Happy Customers.


And since this is a post about creating quick videos, I created a quick video for you - a behind the, uh, computer look on how I created a video using Spark.