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What To Do With Your New Idea

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You had a great idea in the shower... or when you were running... or driving in the car. Great ideas happen in unusual places.

What do you do with that idea? Do you take it anywhere? If you want to turn it into something, here's where you can start:


Research the idea

  • Who is doing this already?

  • What is missing in that space?

  • How can I bring something different or new to the space?

  • What is my perspective?

  • Use Pinterest and Google - tools to do research


Keep a journal of your ideas

  • Write down all of your ideas in a journal or notebook. Evernote is a great place to keep ideas; I use "Notes" for my iPhone and MacBook.

  • Start a Bullet Journal - I love mine! Include a "New Ideas" or "Random Ideas" collection. If you start a bullet journal, one of my favorite sites that helped me start mine was Tiny Ray of Sunshine.


Make connections in the industry

  • Social media is a great way to begin connecting with like-minded people. See what they are saying - check out Twitter or Instagram hashtags. Watch, listen and observe what is going on and what everyone has to say. Jump into conversations and ask questions! "What do you need?" "How would you make this better?" "Is there something missing?" are some great starter questions.

  • Join community groups and forums related to your topic - Facebook has an abundance of groups in every niche! I'm part of at least 10 voiceover groups, and there are hundreds more. See what people are talking about, and what kind of problems they are having. You could be the one to solve a problem in that space!


In Conclusion: Do your research and ask lots of questions.

Your idea will slowly come to life - or fizzle out. If you have a great idea - give it a chance!! Fail a few times before giving up. Share your idea with the community and see if anyone else is willing to collaborate.