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How To Choose Your Brand Colors Using Pinterest

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You've either started your own business or you need to freshen up your branding and image. 

There has never been an easier time to take control of your brand! With so many tools available, you can do it all yourself with a little bit of time and thought.

The first place I go to get ideas is Pinterest.

When I'm working with a client, I love to ask questions about who they are, who their ideal client is, what product or service they offer, HOW they offer it, how they want their customers to feel, etc.

These questions give me great insight as to what kind of colors and fonts we'll be looking at for their brand. Check out this article about the psychology of color in marketing. It's fascinating stuff!

After I've had a good conversation with a client, I can get the feel for who they are. Once I understand who they are, we can work together to find colors that resonate with them and their message.

From  "The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding"

From "The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding"

Choose The Dominate Color For Your Brand

Choose your dominate color and then look to Pinterest to find coordinating or complimentary color schemes.

If you’re STILL not sure what color resonates with you or your brand, check out this article at Jen Reviews; she goes through each color and gives a great feeling of what each color means.

I personally love aqua, and when I look at the image above that says it means "sincere" - that definitely resonates with me and how I want to work with all of my ideal clients! I'm from a small-town, live out a wholesome value system and am always friendly and conversational (unless I'm hangry... but don't worry - I've learned to keep healthy snacks nearby!)


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I know I love blue/aqua, so then I go to Pinterest and type in "aqua branding."

Above is a screenshot of what came up. Ooooo  Ahhhhhhhh - I'm loving what I see so far! I then begin to dive into different color options that compliment me. Orange isn't really my thing, but yellow is. I love the contrast and composition of black & white - so I added some grey to my color scheme. While you're browsing for color schemes, you'll see lots of images pulled together along with the colors. These are called mood boards! They are so fun - at least I think so.

Here's my mood board for both The Painted Square and Jessica Lewis Voice. It fits me nicely! I'm a photographer that uses Nikon, I love simplicity and beauty in my home, I love the coast/ocean, rustic painted wood makes me happy, I like to laugh a lot, and I think of life as a journey, hence the boardwalk into the sunset. I want everyone I work with to feel comfortable, valued and beautiful (or handsome?)

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Are you ready to try it?

If you haven't already, sign up for Pinterest and start a new board. You can call it "My Brand" or your business name. Here's the Pinterest Board I created for Jessica Lewis Voice - it helped me pull together my ideas surrounding who I am and what my brand is all about. I had a lot of gold in there, but then decided gold wasn't for me. And that's okay! Pin things you like, and you can always go back and delete them later. It's really a self-discovery process!

Design Seeds is also a great place to get ideas for your brand colors. Remember, the color blue has many shades and intensities! Keep searching for just the right tone and colors that match your brand and style.

Happy Pinning!

If you're still not sure what direction to take or just need to talk things out, feel free to connect with me! I can help get you started.