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Why Your Website Needs A Clear Message

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci
stuff stuff stuff - a cluttered mess!

I think most of us would admit that we like stuff. So we buy stuff. And we have FUN with the stuff. And then we move along - and buy more stuff. And we keep adding and adding to our stuff stuff stuff! 

All of this stuff becomes overwhelming, and we're not sure what to do with it. Should we keep it? Should we give it to someone else? Should we just trash it?

Our websites get like this too. We keep adding more and more until it begins to look cluttered and dated. Our visitors aren't sure what to do with all the stuff... so they do nothing!

It's time to clean up the clutter and figure out how to display a simple and clear message about what you do.

  • What message are you giving your visitors? 
  • What impression are you leaving with them?
  • How did you make them feel?

Once you establish a clear message, what do you want your visitors to do?

  • Do they call you?
  • Email you?
  • Fill out a form?
  • Schedule an appointment?
  • What action do you want them to take?
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Two of our clients are leadership coaches. Their call to action invites their visitors to schedule a "Free Discovery Session" as a chance to connect and see how they can help. It's simple, actionable and helpful.

What do you offer? How can you help people?

Not sure? Maybe you need help cutting through the clutter to find the clear message you need on your website.

We'd love to help you discover that message.