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Be Willing To Learn Something New

It's been just over a year that Dave began working at Silver Hand Meadery. We talk about "Our Big Move" in episode 17 of the podcast.

Dave Lewis - Silver Hand Meadery

Dave went from knowing NOTHING about mead, to learning ALL ABOUT it, to winning silver medals at the Governor's Cup with Glenn, our friend and owner of the meadery. You can actually hear all about his story in Episode 7: Live In A Way That Is Most You.

It all started with a willingness to learn something new.

Diving into books, blog posts and podcasts, Dave began the process of making mead, an ancient fermented drink made from honey. Some refer to it as "honey wine." Instead of fermenting grapes, you ferment honey water.

Glenn also taught him everything he knew; showed him the excel spreadsheets, honey, yeast, tanks, filters and more. And Dave learned fast.

Chris from VA Beer Company on the cover

Chris from VA Beer Company on the cover

The meadery has grown, and we've all felt the growing pains! But it's fun to pause and look back at our story of moving to Williamsburg, VA. It's also fun when the local magazine features your husband!

I wanted to share the article with you because you never know what a year can bring.

From nothing to something: Be willing to learn something new and dive into it.