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The Power Of Asking WHY?

But WHY do we do it THAT way?

I was born with this question seared into my soul.  WHY? To What End? What's the purpose?

I'm certain this drove my parents nuts. Do you want to know how I know this? Because I have a four year old who is just like me. And he drives me nuts.

He shows me his way of doing things.

Case in point:

  • He likes me to help him put on his underwear while he is on the couch, upside-down.
  • He likes to wear his underwear inside-out and backwards
  • He thinks hummus is a great obstacle for his matchbox SUV to overcome
  • When I say "sit down" he rolls over.
  • His blue rain boots are absolutely fashion-forward
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My husband Dave and I are exhausted at the end of the day because this little man brings so much creativity to our everyday, routine tasks.

And though I cannot wait for his head to hit the pillow at night, I'm inspired by him and his older siblings Owen and Cali.

They see the world through a very different lens, and if I pause to take off my "adult" lenses, the world becomes a bit more fun and interesting. We can flip things upside-down, color it, rip it, sew it, spin it or eat it! We are able to solve problems in a new way.... ways we never thought of before.

What kind of lenses are you wearing? Is it hard for you to see things in a different light? Are you able to process things through a different perspective?

If you feel stuck and are having a hard time seeing a problem from a different angle, contact us.

Dave and I not only have three kids that show us different perspectives every day, but we've traveled the world and can bring that experience with us to help solve your problem. We've worked with many small businesses and have helped them see things from a different light.

Whether you need a new website that clearly states what you do or you need to schedule a strategy session to help organize your thoughts into actionable steps, we're here to help.


If you'd like to follow the creativity of my four-year old, check out his Instagram page.