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Look At A Problem From All Sides

Our perspective is limited

When a problem arises, we try solving the problem from our limited perspective.

So try this: take your problem and turn it on all sides. When you flip something around, you begin to see things or feel things you didn't realize were there. A little shift in perspective can give us just enough of a boost to solve a problem in a new way.

This leaf had been sitting on my front porch for a few days, and I finally decided to take a photo of it on my little rustic wooden table. I couldn't decide how to capture it. Should I put it in the top of the frame? The side? The bottom? In this particular instance, I thought it looked great in four different ways.

This is also a great way to approach problem solving. Take the problem and position it in many different ways in your head. Reach out to others to get their perspective. You'll be surprised at what can happen.  Good Luck!