How Do I Start A Business?

There are many opinions on how to start a business. I'll put my ideas out here, but please note, it's just merely my opinion.

Innovation has 3 simple phases:


Dave and I have been working on putting together a workbook that shares our personal startup story and explains each step of the startup process. We've started up a few businesses (no Elon Musk brilliance here), but have found that these 3 phases can help define the journey ahead.

Just to give you a little insight, here are some screen shots from our google document where we have begun to jot down our ideas. This is merely a START - and we haven't even gotten to the SHARE phase - which is basically sharing your idea with the world - using social media and going to conferences or tradeshows or local events, etc.

How To Start A Business
How To Start A Business

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions or see anything that we need to add? Yes, there is a LOT to add still, but it helps to see a framework beginning to take shape!