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Photography is life.

My husband Dave and I had the unique opportunity to travel around parts of the world including the entire United States, Canada, Europe, and Scandinavia. I found a strong connection to the Scandinavian culture and the simple beauty of everyday life.

I remember visiting a private school in Denmark and noticing beautiful yellow forsythia in mason jars on the children's lunch tables. It's the simple, beautiful things that really catch my eye.

My passion is to design with this same simple, beautiful approach to life.

We've had a rough few years; what we really need is a calming atmosphere to help us release all of the added stress.

And that's why I create: to give you a way to embrace life and light; let go of stress and discover hope with images that are beautiful, serene, and calming. 

Choose from a variety of nature scenes and landscapes. If you're not sure what kind of photo is best for you, just ask! I'd love to make a personal recommendation.

Find a perfect image for your home, office, or hotel decor. View artwork by collections. New artwork is added monthly.

You can easily purchase a print by clicking the "buy now" button. Digital downloads and physical prints are available. If you need help, just message me! I'd LOVE to help!

Canvas, Prints and Keepsakes are available.  Our professional print labs can deliver to your front door; you'll be delighted with the results!  

Have a beautiful day!

Jessica lives in rural northwest Pennsylvania with her husband Dave and 3 kids. They love hiking, traveling, and exploring new areas. Jessica is also a voiceover artist; you can view her voiceover work at Jessica Lewis Creative.