Jessica's photography is simple, natural, beautiful.

Jessica - you are an awesome photographer! My friends and family loved you... and now that I see the pictures, I am beyond words. You did such a beautiful job! You were so easy to work with, and I could not be happier!
— Sherri - Cambridge Springs, PA
The photos are AMAZING! We love them and can’t wait to show them off to friends and family.
— Terri - Conneaut Lake, PA
Either you only photograph beautiful people, or you make everyone look beautiful!
— Diane - Edinboro, PA

The Photographer: Jessica Lewis

Photography is the art or science of recording light. I use lenses to focus the light. I didn't create the light, but I love to see how light falls on places and subjects. When clouds roll by, I watch how the light dances across the countryside or changes the way a flower looks. The light brings life and dimension.

The Bible refers to Christ as the "Light of Mankind." I welcomed Him into my life a long time ago, and just like physical light changes and moves, so has He brought life and dimension into my life.

I've always been fascinated with cameras and technology. I remember snapping expensive photos with the family's Polaroid camera when I was eight. My aunt reminded me just the other day of how happy I was to get my own Canon Sure Shot as a high school graduation gift. And in college, I borrowed a friend's Canon AE-1 for a photography class. I loved capturing portraits and developing film in the darkroom. 

After I was married in 2003, my husband Dave bought my first DSLR  - a Nikon D50. At the time, we were living in Franklin, Tennessee and toured as production/road managers for the Canadian rock band, DOWNHERE.That's when I began taking photographs of the band on stage and capturing life on the road. During our travels, I met my dear friend Sara D. Harper, a brilliant photographer who gave me the spark to continue learning more about photography. By 2009 I was shooting weddings and senior portraits and continue doing that today, on a very limited basis.